Lady Gagas 31st Birthday
Lady Gaga’s 31st Birthday

A Golden Globe, an Oscar Nomination, a Bowie tribute and wearing Kermit the Frog! Is there anything that Gaga hasn’t done?! The music and style idol, who celebrates her 31st birthday on March 28th is simply an unstoppable force.  Her love of music started at such a young age (age 4 to be exact!) and […]

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Nike Air Max's 30th Birthday
Nike Air Max’s 30th Birthday

To celebrate the Nike Air Max turning 30 on March 26th, we thought we’d recreate some of the most famous shoe moments in film history and replicating them with Air Max! Which iconic films can you guess are in the list?!  From arguably *the* most famous movie scene featuring shoes in Cinderella with her glass […]

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bake delicious cakes
Useful tips to bake delicious cakes

Cakes are considered to be a welcome sight for any casual, elegant, get together, and be it large or small. It is to be kept in mind that these days, cakes are mixed, baked and shaped in numerous ways. But some essential basic principles are said to be applicable to each and every cake that […]

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Condo In Miami
8 Good Reasons To Own a Condo In Miami

Living in Miami is the BEST decision you’ll ever make – and here’s why: WORLD-CLASS MIAMI CONDO MARKET From the waterfront views and convenient downtown locations to the amenity-filled filled buildings and first-class amenities, those living in Miami condos know that life doesn’t get any better than it does in the Magic City. RECREATION GALORE […]

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Top occasions where cakes are required

Celebrations can mean different things for different cultures. The country of India is well known for its diversity with respect to language, tradition and religion. The trends are changing gradually to be only welcomed by the citizens across the country, ranging from rose bouquet, cakes to sweets, hand knit sweaters, fashion apparel and the like. […]

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5 Easy Piano Tips That will Make You Sound Better!

In the event that you take a seat at the piano and say, “”will play for a bit,”” you aren’t going to learn anything. Rather, set an objective: “”will figure out how to play the opening melody in Frozen.”” Since you set an objective, you will keep at it until you achieve it. You additionally […]

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Iconic Fictional Homes
Iconic Fictional Homes From The Movies and Television Sitcoms

Many throughout the world have a deep love for both film and television. ProDBX has a love for contractor businesses and the valuable contributions that they make. Throughout the history of film there have been many iconic homes that will never be forgotten, many that are highlighted in this graphic. The same can be said […]

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