Let’s Prepare for Journey: Travel Safety Tips for Seniors

Traveling isn’t just an opportunity to click better Instagram-worthy pictures; it is good for you in a number of ways! While taking a trip sure is fun and exciting, it also promotes heart health, relieves stress, and helps keep the mind sharp. Traveling is also a great way to connect with people from all over […]

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Volkswagen Ameo Sport
Volkswagen Ameo Sport: An Alternative To The Ford Figo S

Volkswagen is nearing the launch of a sporty version of its popular compact sedan, the Ameo. The latest version of the Ameo will be called as Volkswagen Ameo Sport and is expected to be launched in the first month of 2018. The special edition of the Ameo has been seen testing on the outskirts of […]

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10 Ways to Motivate Your Students

Keeping your students on track can be quite the challenge, ask any educator and with today’s ever growing list of distractions; Snapchat, Pinterest, PhotoBucket, etc. it’s even harder than before! Today’s students are going a mile a minute show no signs of slowing down. Classrooms are becoming super sized, and with more tech gadgets than […]

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