Why Small Business Need To Plan For Failure

Failure is not the report business holder want to hear when they concern to start a new business project. Small business owners are more inspired with selling and profits than failure. Conversely, not preparation for a future business failure might cost you very much. Sure, no one wants to visualize a scenario where a business […]

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Most Common Barcode Label Problems

Barcode labels first appeared in retail industry. The first product to ever have a barcode is Wrigley’s chewing gum. Nowadays, barcode labels can be seen on almost any product or package there is. They can be seen in a variety of industries. This shouldn’t come as a surprise considering barcode’s functionality. The invention of barcodes […]

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Fundamentals of the Portfolio Kanban Method

With the help of Kanban, you can visualize your process and the assignment of your team. For this purpose, the method uses a Kanban board (whiteboard) divided by columns for each stage that assignments must go through from the moment they are requested to the point where they are considered done. All tasks that your […]

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9 Team Roles to Maximise Your Projects’ Success

Selecting the right team members is the first step to a successful project. As a department head or project manager, you need to possess this vital skill, and therefore must know your employees well. Take advantage of the mix of your employees’ psychological traits and characteristics and form a balanced and interdependent team. According to […]

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Uber, A Startup Starting Trouble

Uber started in 2009 as a small startup with just 2 employees. Now it is the worlds largest startup valued at over 70 billion dollars. Its exponential growth rates have been impressive and investors love the stats so much they increase their dose of monetary injection every year. The motor of all this growth is […]

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Accounts Receivable Management for Trucking
5 Tips for Truckers to Get Paid Faster

Trucking and truck drivers are an important part of modern American culture and how many of us receive the good we purchase in our day to day keeping truckers happy and profitable is a pretty important task. Have you ever thought what things would be like if truckers refused to drive? Or the sheer […]

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Top 5 Big Challenges to Human Resource Management

Today’s world of talent management is plagued by several issues. A tighter talent market, financial uncertainty, and globalization are the prime ones. These issues, along with ever-evolving technologies, are likely to play a big role in shaping up the workplace as well as the HR profession in the next few years. This article delves deep […]

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