Devastation of Food Waste
Food Crisis And It’s Effects On Environment

Each year, manufacturers, retailers and food and beverage businesses lose out on millions of dollars due to one thing alone: food waste. A recent study in Canada, for example, found that a medium-sized manufacturing company saved $490,000 after taking steps to reduce this unnecessary waste. By reducing food waste with uniPoint quality management software, manufacturers […]

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Oregon Demolition Pros Talk Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits

This infographic explores how scrap metal recycling positively impacts both the environment and consumers. It also explores how demolition contractors are involved in recycling building materials, and how they ensure scrap metal is useful. In the United States, over 150 million tons of scrap materials are recycled which includes 85 million tons of iron and […]

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Disaster Contingency Plan
Disaster Contingency Plan: Before, During, and After Typhoon

Resting on the earth’s equatorial area and neighboring next to bodies of waters, the location of the Philippines makes the country vulnerable to natural disasters and no one can predict when a catastrophic event will happen. The scenario of heavy floods, bustling winds, and strong rains is almost an ordinary sight for the people living […]

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National Park
The National Park Service Turns 100!

Although the United States is still a relatively new country, we’ve been able to achieve so much. Thanks to the National Park Service, which is celebrating its 100th year of service this August 25th, millions of people can explore national parks, monuments, battlefields, historical sites and more. August 25th really is an important day for […]

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