Get ready for ROBOLUTION!

Imagine a work day with no conflicts, no annoying co-workers. This might be the case in the future since the popularity of cobots (collaborative robots) is growing and more and more are being installed in factories. They’re never late, never complain and most importantly they work more efficiently than humans. They are every employer’s dream […]

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Treat and Trick: How to Teach Your Cat

When you start teaching your cat, don’t expect miracles. But definitely expect a lot of fun time with your little friend. Make it fun for both of you! This way the least you get at the end of the day is a bunch of positive emotions and lots of purrs. There are two things you […]

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Webmasters Link
Why Webmasters Link To Me Like Crazy

Show webmasters a way they can improve their webmaster skills overall and see fantastic results inĀ  their work. Show them the page Why Webmasters Link To Me Like Crazy. Feel free to give them a breakdown of what webmasters might be looking to expect if they take advantage of this opportunity. Does this seem like […]

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