Property Management challange
Biggest Property Management Challenges

At the beginning of 2017, Unicom sought out to better understand the challenges facing property management professionals. Our goal was to survey 100 professionals. We asked them to rate each challenge from “Not Challenging” to “Very Challenging” to solve. Then we asked them to pick their biggest challenge for the year. Finally, we collected basic […]

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Eight Types Of Scaffolding Systems With Their Uses

“Scaffolding gives a smooth access to the workers to work safely at heights. It’s a simple provisional structure that provides a strong support to the main structure. With the help of scaffolding, a worker can work at height without any difficulties. There are plenty of accidents happen because the site workers do not give proper […]

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Condo In Miami
8 Good Reasons To Own a Condo In Miami

Living in Miami is the BEST decision you’ll ever make – and here’s why: WORLD-CLASS MIAMI CONDO MARKET From the waterfront views and convenient downtown locations to the amenity-filled filled buildings and first-class amenities, those living in Miami condos know that life doesn’t get any better than it does in the Magic City. RECREATION GALORE […]

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Home Buyers
3 First Steps for First Time Home Buyers

Make a decision. Don’t rush into it. Good or bad, but it takes years to find a perfect home. If you think that you are ready to settle down make sure that you are going to be staying in the area for at least 7-10 years. A good sign for that would be that you […]

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