Top Ten Fastest Cars of 2017 and 2018

Go a few years back and it felt like a fantasy to see super-fast cars moving before you; and to drive one of them seemed an even bigger dream. Modern automakers, with their commitment and skill, have turned this dream into reality. Now we are able to see countless powerful cars that pass in a […]

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Top five German cars of 2017

UK has transformed into the most lucrative car market and automakers are demonstrating distinct fascination in disclosing new makes and models here. Individuals of UK have more prominent obtaining force and propensity to purchase new autos. This element has urged the speculators to focus on this vehicle advertise with certainty and elevated standards. In like […]

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Design Trends 2017

Reviewing design trends from previous years and looking closely at those that are currently up-and-coming is a neat examination of the way that user needs evolve. Design is constantly adapting to meet consumers where they need it. In 2015 and 2016, the digital landscape was dominated by Flat Design and responsive web templates. Obviously this […]

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