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10 Best Wine Tour Destinations In The World You Must Visit This Year (Gifographic)


The very experience of drinking wine is what makes people fall in love with wines. Wines are truly magical and it gets even better when you drink wine right from its origin.

Some of the best wine destinations that are a must visit for your next holiday season are mentioned below.

1. Las Vegas, USA

Although wine is not produced in Las Vegas, it still is the world’s most famous place for wine lovers. There are various wine tasting sessions paired with amazing food for wine lovers.

2. Bordeaux, France
Being the second most visited in France, it has got some great wineries along with amazing architecture. The world famous wines from Bordeaux are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Carmenere. Diversified wine tours are arranged for visitors so that visitors can experience the actual wineries and enjoy wines in the lap of nature and relax.

3. Margaret River, Australia
The place has got some untouched beaches and well renowned for Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. There are various options for wine and dine that offer great quality wines along with some appetizing food.

Along with these, the wineries here offer wine tours for visitors. Wine tasting sessions and tours of the wineries is an amazing experience.

4. Alto Adige, Italy
This is the northernmost wine producing region in Italy. This region is famous for its hill inspired cuisine and superior wines. Although the area is famous for white wines, red wine are also produced here. Wines from this regions has got a range of taste from from velvety and heavy wines to light and silky textured wines.

5. Paso Robles, California
This region from California is home to some great rewarded wineries. This town of Paso Robles offers some great wine tours and tasting activities. Along with these, many other activities are being arranged for visitors to keep them occupied for a week. The wines produced are mostly blended in nature.

To know more about best wine regions, have a look at the gifographic shared by Tango.Tours.

Best Wine Tour Destinations In The World

Infographic Source: https://tango.tours/10-best-wine-tour-destinations-world/

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