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10 Fastest Growing Suburbs of NSW Australia


Suburban living isn’t all bad, as proven by these Sydney suburbs, almost all of which have experienced double-digit growth in home prices over the past 12 months. Gone are the boring, bland, bedroom communities of yesterday; suburbs such as Marrickville and Fairfield have become multicultural havens, full of cultural events and bursting with ethnic diversity. All of these suburbs are not only experiencing growth, but seeing renovation and revitalization in their communities. Buyers who fled from Sydney when looking to purchase their homes are now are sitting pretty in these 10 nearby areas – and, as up and coming areas like Liverpool show, growth isn’t over yet.10 fastest growing in NSW

Infographic Source: http://www.yourmortgage.com.au/article/infographic-of-the-10-fastest-growing-suburbs-of-nsw-217367.aspx

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