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15 amazing options for bike storage inside and outside


A great number of households have bicycles, from road bikes, standard mountain bikes to kid’s bikes. Some families use them every day, others rarely use them. But people have no idea to store their bike. Some would put them on the floor and they will block the road and occupy precious space of your garage. Some just put them outside the room and let them exposed to the rain and sun.

For bike riders, storing bikes in tight quarters can be an invitation for all sorts of potential problems. Plus, you need to clear up the mess in your garage to get a good place for your bikes—inside or outside or you are looking for other practical methods to store your bikes.

In these case, you need to consider carefully the best space you would like to place your bike—inside or outside. It’s fortunately that there is a good vary of solutions on the market to store away you’re bikes.

There are five storage systems to help you—-Overhead Systems, Floor to Ceiling Systems, Wall Mount Systems, Dedicated Parking Spot and Outdoor Bicycle Storage systems.The infographic below will further discuss those methods and offer some tips to you of which approach is best for you.


Infographic Source: https://garageage.com/blogs/news/options-for-bike-storage

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