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2016: An Election of Surprises


Currently, there are tons of polls and surveys trying to predict how the 2016 presidential election will go. And despite these best attempts at foreseeing the future, it’s impossible to know who will win. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will win—that’s all we will know up until Election Day. The 2016 election is fueling a lot of mixed political and emotional opinions. There are huge differences in political stances. And whoever wins will not only represent, but also help shape the U.S. as a nation for the next four years. Whoever you decide to vote for, know that whatever way it goes, it’s not the first time that history has surprised us. Our U.S. history is filled with many presidential surprises—both during and after the election. Check out this infographic to see startling facts and statistics surrounding former U.S. presidents and candidates. You’ll be surprised by what you’ll find.


Infographic Source: http://www.homesecurityteam.com/political-infographic

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