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8 Creative Ways to Use Timber Screens in Your Garden


Does your garden need a finishing touch? Whether you’ve gone for a vintage feel or a contemporary aesthetic, you can complete your backyard by installing the perfect timber screens. Laser-cut metal and polished bamboo certainly have their own charm, but timber screens are especially sustainable and versatile. You can find pine, oak, or kempas varieties, as well as customize them with a clear seal, a light varnish, or a brightly colored stain. It also helps that timber has a natural texture, which you may play up for a laid-back garden setup or pair with industrial materials to achieve an exciting modern look.

On top of all that, timber privacy screens lend themselves to many creative uses. Install a screen as a barbecue splashback that’ll earn nods from houses guests, match it to your indoor decor to unite your living room with your outdoor spaces, or top off a fence to protect your family from prying eyes.

If you’re thinking of installing timber screens in your garden, you’ll want to take a look at this infographic. Here are 8 wonderful ways you can set up these stylish screens, together with tips and suggestions that can make your garden stand out even more.

8 Creative Ways to Use Timber Screens in Your Garden

Infographic Source: https://houseofbamboo.com.au/8-ways-use-timber-screens-in-garden/

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