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Alloy Wheels & Steel Wheels – Which is the better option?


Alloy wheels! The name itself personifies looks and appearance. Steel wheels on the other hand define the term robustness. They are unbreakable and you can be rest assured of its longevity.

Alloy wheel s & Steel wheels both enjoy their respective benefits and have their own place and position in the world of cars. One is spunky and more suited to racing and sporty cars while the other one is a no-frills show of strength. It is a pure beast.

But, the question is, which of the two do you need? Before we get an answer to that, another question needs to be answered and that is What is your actual need?

Confused? Don’t be.

This infographic tries to educate you on the basics of alloy wheels and steel wheels as well as offer you the fundamental differences between the two which will help you better refine your need and help you make the perfect decision. After all, your beloved dream machine needs to be cared for and it needs more than just Tyres!


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