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Amazing Facts About Money in Sports


Money has had a massive impact on sports and the way some of the biggest companies in various sporting industries are run. Gone are the days of sports stars having to work a ‘day job‘ and some sports have truly astronomical amounts of money changing hands on contracts, sponsorship and more, even tickets can be ridiculously expensive as everyone clamours to get to the big sporting events.

Sports are screened all around the world and teams such as Manchester United, the Chicago Bulls or the NY Yankees have all become massive brands in their own right with their merchandise selling everywhere from the USA to Asia, Europe to Africa, and as such sports stars have been able to demand huge wages and force their way onto celebrity rich lists through their earnings and even big money sponsorship deals. Money in Sports

Infographic Source: http://firstratesports.com/money-sports-infographic-amazing-facts-money-sports/

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