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Asbestos Landfill/Asbestos Disposal Areas in Victoria


Asbestos products are incorrectly handled, transported, and disposed can cause the higher risk for an individual to obtain diseases that would end up into worst case scenarios. Asbestos can be risky in a lot of ways, thus, a DIY asbestos removal is not encouraged. It is highly recommended to ask help from licenced removal contractors to lessen the risk of asbestos exposure starting from the removal up to the disposal. If planning for a delivery of the waste materials, you should call the facility or local council prior to the appointment. Moreover, these landfills have certain scopes and restrictions about which type of asbestos material they are allowed to receive, or delivery requirements that should be complied.

There are asbestos landfills in Victoria that are permitted by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) to receive the asbestos wastes. Here’s a must-see infographic by AWARE, the leading asbestos removal company in Melbourne to provide you further information about it.
Asbestos Disposal Areas in Victoria

Infographic Source: https://aware1.com.au/asbestos-landfillasbestos-disposal-areas-in-victoria/

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