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What is the best tourist attraction in the world?


Have you ever wondered which tourist attraction is the best in the world? Comparing a range of factors across 25 of the world’s top tourist attractions, UK cruise specialists ROL Cruise have determined which tourist attraction comes head and shoulders above the rest. The cruise company looked at each attractions’ number of hashtag mentions on Instagram, entry price, UNESCO status, operating hours and their average online reviews, finding Machu Picchu to be the attraction to come out on top.

As well as creating an infographic to showcase the results, ROL Cruise also created an accompanying article which looks at the top 5 attractions overall as well as those which scored the highest across each category. Speaking to dedicated travel bloggers and writers who have visited the attractions, ROL Cruise also looked at what makes each attraction unique and also why some of them may have fallen slightly short when it came to the overall rankings.

best tourist attraction in the world

Infographic Source: https://www.rolcruise.co.uk/blog/best-attraction-in-world

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