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Pros & Cons: Blinds vs Shutters


It’s a tough question that many homeowners, offices, students and residents are all faced with – which is better, blinds or shutters?

When it comes to choosing a window covering there are a variety of factors to consider, and a lot to take into consideration. Whilst shutters may be extremely well suited to some rooms and types of building, blinds may be the best choice for an alternative setting. So to make things easier and help the decision making process Boyds Blinds have put together a simple infographic covering the pros and cons for both blinds and shutters, detailing the positives and negatives for each.

We’ll be taking everything into consideration, including the cost of blinds and shutters, how easy each window covering is to clean, the durability of the product and materials, the time it takes to install the fittings, space in the room and much more.

Boyds Blinds provide a variety of blinds types, ranging from roman blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds to Venetian blinds, so this is another factor you’ll want to consider in the process. There are also a number of fabrics and materials that shutters can be made of, including cedar, grovewood, vienna and MDF. So have a read of our latest infographic and see what you think, will it be blinds or shutters that you opt for?

Let us know who wins! And don’t forget, Boyds Blinds are number one when it comes to installing window fixtures across Nottingham and the wider Nottingham area.

Blinds vs Shutters

Infographic Source: https://www.boydsblinds.co.uk/news/pros-and-cons-blinds-vs-shutters/

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