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Conference Calling App Trends To Improve Your Conference Calls !


The new updates on conference calling apps have made initiating and participating in conference calls quite better ! It is now as simple as a quick away and can be accessed through your Android or IOS smartphone. With the audio conferencing services new features, you can make uninterrupted conference calls without using a PIN or bridge number which are likely to be forgotten easily. You also have options to set timings for your calls so that at the set time, automatic dialling will occur and the calls will start.

Since the app has features for Voice logs to be created, you no longer need to note the minutes of meetings. Also, call transfers between mobile and landline or moderator and participants is hassle free, without any breaks. A notification in the form of sms will be sent to the participants of the meetings 5 minutes before the call as a reminder. This ensures that none of the participants miss out on the call. The popularity of conference calling apps have increased as most businesses have for long depended on the conference calls to enhance their business communications.

Conference Calling App Trends

Infographic Source: https://www.voicesnap.com/huddle-audio-conference-service/

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