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Drunk Driving vs Driving High

Can a breathalyzer test detect the presence of marijuana in a person’s blood? This infographic shows how the alcohol level in blood is measured across the USA and Canada, as well as how the police officers can detect if you were smoking marijuana before driving. Check how much will you be charged for driving under the influence of THC substance. But, Canada’s liberal government have begun changing its drug policy in order to make cannabis legal in the next few months. Until then it is important to remember that possessing, selling or growing marijuana in Canada is illegal and you can get charged with a criminal offense for it. Colorado, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington DC already have the experience of legalizing marijuana and regulating the laws regarding driving under the influence of THC. What can Canada learn from them? Let’s take a close look at what’s happening.Drunk Driving

Infographic Source: http://omqlaw.ca/criminal-law/drinking-and-driving-related-offences/

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