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Ford 50 years on: 1969 vs 2019


Ford has made a significant impact on the automotive industry over the years with their exciting ideas and innovations.

With the release of the new 69-plate due in the UK during the latter part of 2019, Foray Motor Group, a leading Ford provider of sales, parts and servicing, has created this infographic to show some of the changes made during the last 50 years.

Outlining interesting facts on Ford since 1969 in areas including safety, technology and price, the infographic gives a compelling ‘then and now’ overview as well as great illustrations.

The article which accompanies this infographic goes into further detail and includes anecdotes from motorists about why they enjoy driving a Ford car.


Infographic Source: https://www.foraymotorgroup.co.uk/news/article/ford-50-years-on-1969-vs-2019

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