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Guide to sharpening a knife


Selecting the right stone with right proportionate is the precondition of sharpening a knife. The stone can be whet, ceramic and diamond. But to sharp, the blunt blade, select the rough part of the stone to sharp it more. A coarse stone can erase the material quickly which sticks to the blade. To avoid creaking sound, it is needed to use lubricant or oil on the stone. Using lubricant keeps away from the friction of stone of blade. To sharpen the knife smoothly and systematically, it needs to start sharpening from the edge and then the rest part. While sharpening, hold the handle firmly so that sharpening can be systematic and the handle cannot slip away. At first, start rubbing the blade against the stone slowly then after a few times later, increases the rate of sharpening.

Knife Maintenance

Infographic source: http://www.justknife.com/knife-maintenance/

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