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Swiping Right: How Smartphones Have Changed Relationships


Back in the old days, people typically met their future partners through mutual friends, or via connections at work. But in today’s modern world, hundreds of potential suitors are available with just a few swipes on your smartphone. More and more singletons are finding love through online dating sites and dating apps, and this growing trend opens a whole new world of opportunities and pitfalls.

We collected facts and statistics from various sources across the UK and the wider world to provide a briefly show how smartphones have changed the way we date. Our findings indicate a few key trends: the number of people using online dating sites/apps are increasing, niche dating apps help create communities for people who may find it harder to meet in real life, and online dating also increases the risk of ‘catfishing’ and exposing sensitive data to security leaks.

Ultimately, the impact of smartphones in a person’s relationship depends on the level of use. But general data suggests the online dating phenomenon isn’t going away anytime soon!


Infographic Source: https://www.loveitcoverit.com/how-smartphones-changed-relationships/

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