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How to Clean 13 Infamous Stains


Stains are the part of our daily routine of life. Whatever we do, wherever we run, we cannot escape from stains. When we go out for any work, dirt is there which the cause of stains is. In rainy season, there is some drops of mud or dirty water that paste on our dress, especially on the lower areas of pants or trousers. In restaurants, it is sheer luck if the food particles do not drop on our clothes because normally when we left home, some ketchup, or curry or any type of drink stains stare from the mirror. That’s why we can’t get ourselves save from these types of stains. But this is not a lost battle. We have the methods to defeat these stains. This infographic is not only showing different types of stains, but also the ways from their protection and also the methods of how to clean 13 infamous stains and their cleaning and removal.


Infographic Source: https://www.priorydrycleaners.co.uk/blog/how-to-clean-13-infamous-stains/

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