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How To Grow Your Business With The Marketing Flywheel


Flywheels. Until recently, searching for this term on Google showed results for a mechanical device. However, things have changed since then. The Big Orange, aka, Hubspot just came out with a new marketing model and it is called- you guessed it- The Flywheel.

The rest of our marketers, of course, followed suit. As it turns out, the Flywheel makes a lot of sense. This is especially true for now, when customer trust is at an all time low and people prefer genuine reviews and referrals over sales calls. It would be a grave mistake not to make customers the center of your business.

In the flywheel, customers provide the force to your flywheel through referrals and word of mouth. Hence, your business keep spinning and all your effort spent on customer acquisition is used to full effect.

However, it is true that shifting from funnel to the flywheel isn’t an easy task. It would require a consolidated effort of your team to bring such a drastic change in your way of doing business.

Fret not, for here is an infographic by Outgrow that’ll walk you through the steps of growing your business with the flywheel.


Infographic Source: https://outgrow.co/blog/marketing-flywheel-infographic

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