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Insiders Guide To Chicago Off-Roading Spots


Do you have a lifted truck, jeep or 4×4 vehicle and need somewhere to ride in the Midwest. If so check out this awesome infographic called “The ultimate guide to 4×4, offroading, and jeeping destinations around Chicagoland area.” This guide is for anyone who wants to get out and experience life. Escape the city streets and leave the pavement behind while you traverse through muddy bogs, sandy dunes, rocky hills or open plains. With over 30 off road parks to choose from in this guide you’re sure to find the park that’s perfect for you. Anywhere from a 2 hour to 12 hour drive will get you back in touch with nature and away from the city drama. All times are approximate and were tabulated using downtown Chicago as the starting point so depending on where you stay some travel times may differ for you. Call up the crew, take off the tops, and hit the trails!

Insiders Guide To Chicago Off-Roading Spots

Infographic Source: https://www.lovethytruck.com/chicago-lift-leveling-kits

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