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Soak In The Indian Wedding Culture


India is one of the rarest places in the green globe where a plethora of cultures, religions, customs, languages, and traditions blend together and live in harmony. Weddings in India are celebrated with so much pomp and show as it is considered as a once in a lifetime moment where they splurge and enjoy every bit of the special moment. On an average, India celebrates around 30,000 weddings in a day. That means approximately 9 lakh marriages happen in a month and more than 10 million wedding bells ring in a year. This throws light on the vast wedding industry prospects of India.

While the US Wedding Industry spends around $70 billion for weddings, India comes second with a spending record of $50 billion. For any wedding in Chennai, the 3 important prerequisites are top marriage halls in Chennai, wedding jewels, and efficient catering services. When it comes to wedding halls in Chennai, the choice has to be made in such a way that it meets all the necessary requirements for a wedding, like spacious halls, wedding décor, parking facilities, and easy access. When all these needs are met, the wedding automatically turns out to be a memorable moment to cherish!

Soak In The Indian Wedding Culture

Infographic Provided by: https://www.chennaiconventioncentre.com

Infographic Source Link: https://www.chennaiconventioncentre.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/How-wedding-is-celebrated-in-India-1.jpg

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