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The Headless Horseman


Have you ever wondered who the Headless Horseman really was? Is there more than just a man with a pumpkin head?  This infographic will reveal the truth. It offers the most interesting facts about him from 4 cultures (American, Celtic, German, Indian). The legend of this mysterious man is different in each of them. In America, it was believed that he was a soldier who’s head was shot off by a cannon on a battlefield. Celts believed that he was a headless fairy and every time he stopped his horse, a person died. In India, people believed that every time a wrongful death occurred, a Headless Man was born. Was he good, or bad? In Germany, people believed he was helping travellers and did them justice. This and many more interesting facts can be found in this visual infographic. It was carefully researched to provide the spookiest facts about the legendary Headless Horseman.

Infographic Source: http://blog.enhancv.com/headless-horseman-soul-reaper-or-immortal-vigilante/

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