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The UK’s driving opinions


In a hunt from the UK’s most intriguing driving opinions, Dayinsure, a temporary insurance provider for cars and other vehicles, conducted a survey to find out what the UK think. Questioning them on things like drink-driving laws, whether cyclists should be allowed on roads and whether older people should need to be retested. When the results came in, they found some interesting insights.

This infographic displays the best results and the most thought-provoking takeaways from the survey, and the accompanying article. Featuring the fun Dayinsure characters and bright colours, the eye-catching designs ensures the facts really stand out (as they should!)

The accompanying article breaks down each of the questions and all of the results in more depth, exploring the potential implications and how they compare to the current laws and regulations. As well as that, it contains a competition and interactive charts displaying a full breakdown of the survey responses. Be sure to check it out.

The UK’s driving opinions

Infographic Source: https://www.dayinsure.com/news/the-uks-driving-opinions/

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