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Tips on how to use social media effectively


While the invention of the Internet made the world smaller, the advent of smartphones seemed to have put the whole world in our palms.

According to a recent study, more than half of the world’s internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. Out of this, 34% or about 2.6 billion actively use their mobile phones to access social media, which is why it’s no longer optional to establish a social media presence if you want to thrive in the digital world.

Top social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are no longer just places that connect friends and families. They’ve become digital shopping malls where hundreds of businesses gather to showcase their brands to a global audience.

However, advertising in social media takes more than just putting up a stall. The Social Media Ad Platforms Cheat Sheet by MicroCreatives illustrates how to target a specific audience in social media to maximize your advertising efforts. Read on to learn recommended tips for creating effective posts that attract and engage the right audience.
Tricks for getting good social media results

Infographic Source: https://www.microcreatives.com/general/the-social-media-ad-platforms-cheat-sheet/

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