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9 Types of Social Media Influencers


Over the years, influencer marketing has been proven effective in gaining potential buyers. Now that social media has risen to fame, influencers are not limited to traditional media anymore. Given that the social media holds a great populace of consumers, influencers have found a way to better exhibit their influence–which can benefit your marketing strategy.

Social media influencers are usually those people online that boast thousands (or even millions) of likes, followers, shares, and comments. Their content is always anticipated by the public and trusted by many. However, choosing the right social media influencer for your marketing campaign requires a thorough assessment–and those large figures that influencers have are not the only thing to consider.

To help you select the best social media influencer for your marketing, here’s a comprehensive infographic that was put together for you by M2Social, one of the reputable digital advertising agencies in the Philippines, that tackles the different types of social media influencers to help you choose the one  that can play a valuable role in your campaign.


Infographic Source: http://www.m2social.net/blog/2016/8/3/9-types-of-social-media-influencers

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