How to Select an SEO Partner

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It is natural for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses when they become successful in their local geography. Setting up an appealing website is excellent way to attract new customers as long as they use Search Engine Optimization (or “SEO”) to drive traffic to the site.

Nonetheless, websites are missing from the first pages of the search engine results because the people who owned them did not execute an SEO campaign. SEO is essential for a site to rank high and be visible in the first pages.
Because an SEO campaign takes up too much time and resources to accomplish, business owners look for SEO partners to handle the digital marketing campaign. An excellent partner can provide an analysis and review of a website, link detox, keyword analysis, manual link-building, content creation, regular reporting, and website promotion among their services.

Business owners should also have realistic expectations regarding the campaign. Many people expect their partner to do all the work and leave the project up to them, only to end up with unsatisfactory results. The client must be involved in the SEO campaign so they can get the result they want.

Landau Consulting’s infographic here can help business owners learn how to select an excellent SEO partner to help make their websites visible.

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